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Forgotten Frontline Exhibition

Quex Park 2010

The Forgotten Frontline Exhbition is on tour, and after visiting Whitstable Muesum in 2009, it will be making an appearance at the Powell Cotton Muesum, Quex Park from June 2010 until the end of August 2010.

Although being open to visitors for several weeks, the official opening night of the exhibition at Quex was on Friday 25 June 2010, to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the day that Churchill and the War Cabinet approved ‘The Ironside Plan’.

This plan proposed the development of a system of static fortifications and defensive positions that would require the construction a vast network of anti-tank obstacles, trench systems, minefields, barbed wire entanglements, concrete pillboxes and gun emplacements.

Wherever possible, engineers were encourage to make use of natural and man-made features such as rivers, canals and railway embankments. The plan was code-named 'Home Forces Operations Instruction Number 3'.

In honour of this anniversary, and for the opening of the exhibition, we were joined by a number of enthusiasts and dignitaries, including:

  • Cllr Mike Harrison - KCC Member for Whitstable who part-funded the exhibition from a Member's Grant.

  • Cllr John Gilbey - CCC Leader and Member for Forest of Blean and Heritage Champion.

  • Cllr Andrew Richardson - Dover District Member for River and Heritage Champion.

  • Lis Dyson - County Archaeologist for Kent

  • Angela Gill - Assistant Curator for Powell-Cotton Museum

  • Malcolm Harman - Curator for Powell-Cotton Museum

Mapping Kent and Timescapes would like to thank everyone who attended the launch at Quex Park.

For more details of the museum, please follow this link to the Powell Cotton Museum at Quex

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